Cornell Certified Diversity Professional [Advanced]

Diploma in Public Relations

NLP Life Coach ( International)

Certified Tele-Mental Health Provider

My Story

Through my own life journey I have had numerous setbacks, losses and challenges. These adversities have shaped who I am today, serving to build my resilience and create space for my personal and professional growth.

I have spent over three decades working with people from all walks of life, facing some of life’s greatest challenges. My work in the UK, USA and India [ philanthropy projects] has created a very rich and diverse tapestry of experiences that has informed my practice.

All these journeys have revealed that the human spirit is indeed strong and that we each have within and around us the resources we need to be happier, healthier and more at peace in our lives and relationships.

I recognize that we are all uniquely different and complex and yet connected in a deeply profound way.

My life, education and training in human behavior and development, world religions and diversity, social work and neuroscience have all created a solid foundation upon which I have built my successful practice. I am passionate in my work and go the extra mile to help my clients live their best lives.

In our journey together, I will guide you to self-awareness and the realization that the barriers you face to living your best life are not always conscious.

When you peel back the layers of your life you will recognize that your thoughts reveal your reality and your reality reveals your life blueprint. This blueprint can be based on countless unconscious choices. Sometimes our unhappiness is the result of fears, limited beliefs about our self-worth and unconscious patterns of self-sabotage.

In essence awakening to our unconscious programming is awakening to our truth.

It is from this point forward that we are compelled to create our own futures. The point of difference being we are no longer running our lives from the unconscious because we are conscious, awake and as a result in more control.

Our work together is designed to take you to your deeper and more authentic self. It is from this place that change is possible.

Whether you are looking for a therapist or a life coach, or seeking to recognize patterns of unconscious bias, Minhas Life Services has the keys to unlock the secrets to success, happiness, joy and gratitude