South Asian Matters provides a much needed forum for discussion, advocacy, education and culturally competent service provision for both service recipients and providers. Our work extends beyond mental health to health care, education and diversity, inclusion and implicit bias training.

My experience of working with South Asian populations on Mental health and Wellness stems over three decades in three different countries - India, UK and USA. While each country has brought its own uniqueness there are common themes and similarities that persist.

The fear of mental illness, stigma and shame cause a deafening and unhealthy silence which is often exacerbated by limited access to culturally appropriate services, education and awareness . The outcome can be devastating as individuals and families suffer unnecessary pain and hardship and even suicide.


Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services

Building Culturally Competent, Diverse and Inclusive Organizations

  • Clinical therapy - Individual, Couple, Family [ in-person and online] [ Hindi and Punjabi]

  • Life Coaching - Individual, Couple, Family [in-person and online] [ Hindi and Punjabi]

  • Community workshops on mental health and wellness, intercultural parenting, [ Hindi and Punjabi]

  • Teen identity / Social and Emotional skills groups

  • Women ‘s Empowerment Programs

  • Cultural competency, Diversity, Inclusion and Implicit bias training and consultation for service providers

  • Cultural Awareness and Good Practice Guides for Health Care Professionals, Educational institutions, Social Care and Criminal Justice Systems

Please call to learn more about our services and to discuss your specific needs.